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Seattle Public Library

SnacTank Expo


Snac International

My role

Design Lead, End-to-End Design & Development


Figma, Illustrator, InDesign


SNX, initiated by SNAC Intl., is a platform for global snack industry startups and entrepreneurs, fostering connections with mentors, partners, and educational resources. In 2022, SNX introduced 'SnacTank', a live 'Shark Tank'-style competition spotlighting innovative products and companies. I led the design of the branded event, including the logo, mobile app, and signage, to enhance visibility and impact.


For the SnacTank logo, the objective was to incorporate all of their primary brand colors while evoking a sense of playfulness, innovation, and aquatic imagery. The request was to create a highly visual logo, based on these requirements, I created the primary logo in the likeness of a fish tank. Leveraging their diamond emblem, I utilized negative space to form a fish as a distinctive logo mark. Additionally, I created a pattern derived from the diamond motif, symbolizing the interconnectedness fostered among participants during the event. As the exclusive designer for this project, I took on the responsibility of  integrating the branding across all tradeshow assets. This involved designing signage, the mobile event app, and also contributing to the creation of various swag items.

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