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Seattle Public Library

Maveryx Program



My role

Senior Visual Designer


Figma, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, Canva


The Maveryx program was developed as a way to unify Alteryx customers, partners, and employees under a common identity. Representing a community of forward-thinkers, change-makers, and problem solvers, Maveryx embodies a shared vision of looking beyond the horizon. As the Visual Designer, I contributed to shaping the program's branding in collaboration with the Art Director and Creative Director, seizing the opportunity to enhance this new program’s impact.


The Maveryx branding initiative marks a significant milestone for Alteryx, as it will permeate various facets of the organization, encompassing customers, partners, and employees alike. With the ambitious scope of this program, many visuals were necessary to seamlessly integrate Maveryx across all Alteryx platforms.
As the program name suggests, our aim was to infuse a space-themed motif throughout, symbolizing the spirit of exploration and pushing boundaries. One of my initial tasks was to design space-themed badges, each representing distinct Maveryx identities such as Maveryx Community, Maveryx Partners, and Maveryx Visionary. These badges evolved into collectible patches that people could decorate their Maveryx jackets with, fostering a sense of community and achievement. The badges were created with printing specifications in mind, as a result, they were designed with a solid backing behind the text. This ultimately influenced the design of the Maveryx logo along with other text visuals for the Maveryx branding which all have that same backing.
In addition to badges and the logo, I developed a suite of icons to represent micro-identities, serving as navigational aids across various digital platforms. To complement these elements, I was asked to create a space themed pattern, utilizing existing brand shapes to form constellations and interspersed with stars, I designed a scalable background pattern for diverse applications.
To further enhance the space motif, we developed a gradient that transitions from light to dark, symbolizing the horizon and the journey into outer space. This gradient not only adds depth but also reinforces the overarching theme of exploration and discovery.
Lastly, as the program was unveiled at Alteryx’s Inspire event, I was tasked with designing custom stickers to decorate the Alteryx bus. While not strictly bound by Maveryx or Inspire branding, I tried to integrate elements from both the Maveryx branding and Inspire branding to weave a cohesive narrative that tied all elements together.

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