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Seattle Public Library

Lost in Discovery Campaign


Seattle Public Library

My role

Design Lead: Concept Development, Design, and Illustration


Figma, Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop


The Seattle Public Library sought support to craft an engaging visual campaign aimed at inspiring young readers and fostering their enthusiasm for books. I was tasked with conceptualizing a vibrant campaign; my role encompassed devising a compelling concept, crafting the campaign logo, and designing both a captivating landing page and innovative book lockers.


I began the project by crafting a campaign logo that embodies the thrill of reading and the diverse worlds it unlocks for children. Drawing inspiration from the idea of exploration, I designed a simple yet engaging logomark resembling a compass. Growing up in Orlando, FL, and recalling the excitement of collecting Disney character cards at theme parks, I aimed to evoke a similar sense of wonder in young readers. To achieve this, I developed fully illustrated library cards featuring characters immersed in captivating environments, emphasizing the endless possibilities awaiting discovery through reading.

Library Cards
Landing Page