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Seattle Public Library

Kana Cards

My role

Designer | Illustrator


This is a Hiragana chart and a set of Hiragana playing cards that I designed with cultural heritage and personal experience in mind. Growing up half-Japanese in the States, I vividly recall the importance of having one of these hiragana charts hanging on the wall for learning Japanese writing. The Japanese lettering system presents a complexity distinct from the English alphabet. Among the various Japanese lettering systems, Hiragana is one of the simpler forms. Since I rarely have a need to write in Japanese I wanted a Hiragana chart at home to ensure its retention in my memory, even if only through daily exposure. Disappointed with the lack of adult-oriented options, I decided to create my own, featuring icons and a Japanese-inspired background pattern. Recognizing the chance to spark interest in learning Hiragana among others, I seized the opportunity to enhance engagement. I reimagined the concept into a set of playing cards, each featuring a Hiragana character alongside an accompanying image depicting a word starting with that character, adding a playful twist to traditional flashcards.

Library Cards
Library Cards
Library Cards