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Seattle Public Library

Ana the Analytics Champion



My role

Senior Visual Designer, Art Direction Support, Illustrator


Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Canva, InDesign


Ana, a female professional in her mid-thirties to late-thirties, exudes passion for data and analytics, driven by a quest to improve businesses and society. With a penchant for problem-solving and a proactive approach to staying abreast of tech trends, Ana thrives on sharing her expertise and empowering others in the field. Committed to efficiency, she constantly seeks innovative solutions to maximize productivity - Ana is the embodiment of Alteryx's customer persona and I had the privilege of illustrating her in addition to creating other visual assets that go along with this campaign.


Ana's portrayal needed to capture the essence of her defining traits. We explored three distinct styles—cartoony, realistic, and a blend of both. Ultimately, the chosen style embodied versatility and aligned with our brand identity. Alongside Ana's character illustration, I was tasked with creating a campaign logo and icons representing the campaign's five key principles. For the campaign logo, we envisioned a badge-style design, I wanted it to resemble a stamp, evoking an “official” feel that resonated with our Analytics Champions—the clients. I created a textured vector brush that further established the look of a stamp for our logo. By incorporating the same brush for both the logo and icons, we maintained visual continuity while subtly differentiating them from the main company branding which utilizes a different style brush element. With the support of our art director and the rest of the Alteryx design team, we further defined the look of this campaign and developed social media content, video ads, landing pages, and various promotional materials.

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