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Seattle Public Library

Alteryx Playing Cards



My role

Visual Designer | Design Lead


Alteryx sought a creative solution to promote the Alteryx Analytics Cloud, a dynamic cloud analytics platform known for its robust and user-friendly data analytic capabilities, at an upcoming event. With a lineup of essential products comprising the Analytics Cloud, the challenge was to visually integrate their distinctive icons into a custom deck of playing cards.


I was tasked with creating promotional Alteryx playing cards, intended to serve as both a fun project and a branded swag item. I was given creative freedom when it came to the overall look of the cards, I personally wanted to maintain the authentic look and feel of traditional playing cards while finding a way to integrate Alteryx product icons into the designs. I illustrated each suit and face card and was able to create unique patterns using our product icons. These cards not only resemble traditional playing cards to most, but also serve as an exciting and familiar item for those who are well-versed in Alteryx and its suite of products.

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