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Seattle Public Library

Branded Illustrations



My role

Illustrator | Design Lead


Illustrator, Figma


Upon joining Alteryx, there was a need to define the company's overarching branding, particularly concerning illustrations. At the time, there was an absence of a cohesive look and feel for the company’s graphics as it was typically stock illustrations that were in use, which failed to capture the essence of the company's unique offerings. We embarked on a mission to develop a suite of branded illustrations. This initiative aimed to infuse our marketing materials with visual coherence and solidifying our company's brand identity across all channels.


My time at Alteryx prior to beginning this project provided insight into the areas where these illustrations were needed most and allowed for me to have a better understanding of the different styles of illustrations that would work best. I developed 2D illustrations, isometric illustrations, and spot illustrations—each intended for specific spaces and scenarios. One of the challenges was creating a style that would work on both light and dark backgrounds without needing to adjust the illustration. I did this by focusing on using only two of our primary colors within our palette, integrating gradients and strokes to convey depth and dimension, and finding the right shade and effects for shadows. I also developed a way to illustrate secondary objects within an illustration, for this I developed a more simplified, icon-like element to complement the main visuals seamlessly.

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