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Seattle Public Library

AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics



My role

Senior Visual Designer


Figma, Illustrator


In early 2023, Alteryx introduced AiDIN, a cutting-edge platform merging AI, machine learning, and generative AI with an enterprise-grade analytics solution. Following this, at the outset of 2024, Alteryx unveiled its AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics, leveraging the power of AiDIN. This platform empowers organizations with automated data preparation, AI-powered analytics, machine learning, and robust governance and security measures. Teaming up with the Creative Director and Art Director, I was tasked with envisioning potential logos for the Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics.


Our objective for the logo was to seamlessly unite the Alteryx corporate logo with the concept of an AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics. After receiving initial direction, I explored multiple iterations, aiming for a design that would be visually striking and easily recognizable on its own. We were mindful not to confuse our customers or overshadow our corporate logo, instead envisioning the AI platform logo as a complementary addition to our main branding while incorporating some elements from AiDIN.Throughout the design process, I focused on conceptualizing the new AI Platform’s integration with the Alteryx logo by blending the two within shared shapes or borders. As the iterations progressed, we observed a natural evolution towards a button-like aesthetic, a visual that resonated well with our stakeholders. After refining the button-style logo designs even further, we arrived at the final designs—a circular button logo and a pill-shaped variation.

Finally, I was asked to create a hero banner for the launch. We needed to visually convey that the AI Platform for enterprise integrates all our products. Leveraging the background glow behind the logo, I envisioned it illuminating the area, showcasing all of the product icons behind it.

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